Information on the Corona virus

Last update: 27th of May

On this page we inform you as comprehensively and up-to-date as possible about the possible effects of the corona virus on your Erasmus traineeship.

Traineeships that have already started

If you have already started your traineeship, you will find all information, including how to settle the Erasmus scholarship for traineeships that were affected by the Corona crisis here

 Should you still start an Erasmus traineeship?

Since the situation changes almost daily, it is difficult to predict whether a traineeship will be possible, e.g. from the beginning of September 1st. This depends on many factors like the destination country (e.g. border openings) and the receiving institution (is it affected by corona restrictions? Would home office be an option? etc.). 

 The official assessment of the DAAD on this topic is:

"The EU as well as the NA DAAD take the preventive and necessary precautions to contain the further spread of the virus as well as the administrative handling of the consequences for affected persons and universities within the scope of funding through the Erasmus + program.

Accordingly, all universities concerned are requested to contact the individual participants who are in areas with a corona outbreak, university closings and / or preventive measures that question mobility, or who are planning trips to the relevant regions.

The Federal Foreign Office of Germany has issued a worldwide travel warning for tourist trips. Concerning this background, the university decides in justified and special cases (such as the spread of the corona virus) in terms of the duty of care towards the participants and other people about the implementation of mobility within the framework of the Erasmus + program.

The European Commission and the NA DAAD urge all those involved to adhere to the preventive measures of the local authorities and the requirements of the home university. It is imperative to consult the website of the Federal Foreign Office before starting mobility. "

 Additionally the DAAD states:

"ATTENTION: The Federal Foreign Office has issued a worldwide travel warning for tourist trips. Concerning this background, students and lecturers should currently not go abroad." 


Current Requirements for funding from the Leonardo Office Saxony-Anhalt

We are able to support traineeships in other European countries under certain conditions:

 1. The receiving institution but also the sending university agree to the traineeship (signature in the Learning Agreement).

 2. You must confirm to us that you have read the website of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany about the situation in your target country. Further, please confirm that you are aware of the current existing, worldwide travel warning (for unnecessary tourist trips) of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, which lasts until 14th of June.

3. We currently do not fund traineeships in places that can be reached only by plane (e.g. Tenerife).

4. All interns must take the DAAD insurance, as this private insurance also includes the case of a "pandemic". Many other private insurance companies do not cover the "pandemic" case and many statutory health insurance companies only pay a fraction of the costs abroad. You can find additional information on insurance on our website.  

 Graduate traineeships

Graduate traineeships can currently be carried out up to 18 months after graduation (instead of only 12 months).

 Contact / Availability

Please contact me via E-Mail () or telephone (+49 391 67 58778), calls are forwarded to my home office number. I will call you back upon request if you submit your phone number.



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